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AQABA CLASSIC Mother's DAY Gift  includes: 

1) 1 3.4oz/100ml AQABA Classic Eau de Parfum

2) 1 8.5oz AQABA CLASSIC scented Botanical Milk Bubble Bath/Body Wash

3) 4.5oz AQABA Classic scented, natural cream color, Mother's Day Candle- hand poured

4) 6.25oz/187ml Red Wine Barefoot Merlot with wine glass   

5) AQABA Handcrafted Wooden Treasure Chest

AQABA SPRING Mother's DAY Gift  includes: 

1) 3.4oz/100ml AQABA SPRING Eau de Parfum

2) 8.5oz SPRING scented Botanical Milk Bubble Bath/Body Wash

3) 4.5oz SPRING scented ballet slipper pink Mother's Day Candle- hand poured

4) 6.25oz/187ml White Wine Pinot Grigio with wine glass   

5) AQABA Handcrafted Wooden Treasure Chest

Completely de-stress this Mother's Day with a luxuriously bubbling botanical Milk Bath/Body Wash in AQABA SPRING or AQABA CLASSIC!  In the envigorating citrus of SPRING's Mandarin Orange, the sultry and relaxing Vanilla Bourbon and Black Currant or the sheer romance of AQABA CLASSIC's Damask Rose, Cinnamon and Egyptian Jasmine, your Mother's Day is sure to be one of pampering and calm.  Make your AQABA bathing experience candle-lit, with a ballet slipper pink AQABA SPRING Mother's Day candle and to keep you cool, with just the right tone, sip on a glass of fresh Pinot Grigio white wine!  With warm days and nights ahead, and for your bathing convenience, use the gently exfoliating Ramie pouf to rid your skin of dead cells, re-freshens and smooths tired and dry skin.  All in a beautiful hand-made wooden AQABA Treasure Chest!

AQABA SPRING or CLASSIC Bubbling Botanical Milk Bath /Body Wash: 8.5oz/255ml   Creating a mountain of bubbles, the AQABA Milk Bath is infused with botanicals and includes Whole Milk, Buttermilk, Organic Chamomile Flower Extract and Aloe.   The formulation is also Soy Free, Cruelty Free and Paraben Free.  Nourishing and cleansing, Milk is very beneficial to the skin containing Vitamins A & D, nourishing to the complexion of our skin while also containing naturally occurring beta hydroxy acids which act as a natural skin exfoliant.  Additionally, Milk contains proteins, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants.  Milk proteins are skin-enhancing since they promote smoothness and help to strengthen skin structure. Milk enzymes and amino acids are responsible for stimulating the skin's natural moisture barrier, making way for intense hydration and skin cell regeneration. Finally, milk's antioxidants  combat environmental damage and provide protection from future damage. 

Mother's Day AQABA SPRING/Classic Candle: AQABA's Mother's Day candle is 4.5oz of a clean and long burning apricot-coconut wax with 100% cotton wick.  

RAMIE WASH CLOTH POUF:  This 5.5" 100% Ramie washing pouf feels wonderful on the skin and provides a very gentle exfoliation leaving your skin soft and smooth.  Breathable and bacteria resistent, Ramie fibers are one of the oldest and most durable natural fibers.  Ramie is even stronger when wet and were used in Egyptian mummy cloths during the period 5000-3000 BC.  

White Wine: Cooled white wine on Mother's Day relieves the constant stress and ultra-busy schedules that Mothers have.  While our gifted Pinot Grigio white wine is meant for Mother's Day, there are, in fact, other recorded benefits of white wine- these include antioxidants such as resveratrol which promote weight loss; Disease Prevention due to white wine flalvinoids; Heart Protection from antioxidant grape's skin, keeps lungs healthy and lastly, white wine has low levels of "congeners" which creates reduced hangovers!

Companion Wine Glass: A wine glass for you to enjoy, in good humor, with warmest wishes to you from AQABA for a most beautiful Mother's Day!

In more detail...

AQABA SPRING:  3.4oz/100ml

  • TYPE: Fresh Floral
  • FEELING: Luxurious and Romantic, in fields of flowers.
  • CONCEPT: Inspired by the Eternal Spring, AQABA SPRING evokes Solomon and Sheba's renewal of love.
  • NOTES: Exquisite and Fresh, in fields of flowers, SPRING's top notes evoke a gentle breeze of Mandarin Orange with flower buds of Black Currant and Cinnamon.  Middle notes of night-blooming Egyptian Jasmine blend with Damask Rose, Rose of Morocco and Turkish Rose.  Peach and Apricot flowers flow into a long-lasting dry-down of clove-pink buds, tobacco and vanilla bourbon.

AQABA CLASSIC:  3.4oz/100ml

Type: Oriental Floral Spice

  • Feeling: Sophisticated, Timeless and Exotic.  Long lasting trail, elegantly sensuous.

  • Concept: A Romantic Tribute to the Legendary Love of King Solomon for the Queen of Sheba.

  • Notes: Top notes of exotic Bulgarian Rose, Cinnamon, Cardamom and an array of Red Sea flowers, long treasured for their powers to evoke romantic passions, carry mid-notes of Egyptian Jasmine, Damask Rose and Clove.  Frankincense, combined with Peach, Tea Leaves, White Cedarwood and Fragrant Oak Moss, capture Sheba's lust for adventure, courage and curiosity.




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