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THE WEDDING:  WHITE Fresh-Aromatic-Fougere  (PARFUM)

WEDDING WHITE is HAND MADE.  Please allow one week to prepare your order.

The WEDDING WHITE, in Rebrodé floral French Lace couture, with embroidered sequined brocade and pearls, takes the Bride to the third day of her wedding, in white..  With her crown of red and gold,  WEDDING WHITE’’s cap is wrapped in natural Hemp, the original material used for the exchange of wedding ring vows in ancient times. 

WEDDING WHITE’s fragrance brings the Bride one step closer to the dawn of her new life. 

Scented In fresh Lemon citrus notes and Eucalyptus, WHITE beckons in a fusion of floral delight.  Lightly blended Arabian roses draw a lingering romance, closing with restful and alluring touches of lavender, oakmoss and oud.

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