AQABA and AQABA Candle November 20 2020

Thursday November 19, 2020

from B. Frazier, New Mexico

This is a superb creation. I have been giving it to my wife at Christmas for years, along with the candle. While no longer a surprise, she still loves it and is the only fragrance she wears.

AQABA CLASSIC October 01 2020

September 30, 2020

Mary Moss wrote a review about AQABA Classic Perfume

Best perfume ever!!

I have worn Aqaba the original scent for over 15 years. I get compliments on this fragrance sooo frequently. It never gets old. I just LOVE it!!

The Jury Duty That Changed My Life November 27 2018


We so appreciate your love and your loyalty and for taking the time to write.

November 27, 2018- AQABA REVIEW

Title: The Jury Duty That Changed My Life
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Stephanie R.

20ish years ago I was on jury duty with Miriam. We chatted as we waited
And I was enchanted with, and commented on, her scent. She shared that she was about to launch AQABA and gave a sample vial to another woman and myself. Since that time AQABA has become “my” scent and I adore that my signature scent is so unique as well as delicious. I always get compliments wherever I go..


NEW- AQABA WHITE - a romantic and uplifting experience November 06 2018