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Experience all 13 AQABA fragrances, including 4 recently created new fragrances, in 1.5ml/0.05 fl.oz. mist sprayers.  All sprayers are labeled and placed in an AQABA red and gold velour drawstring pouch.  The pouch is then placed in a beautiful red gift box with double-faced red satin ribboning.  Fragrances included are:

  1. OUD BLACK (New)  unisex: Oriental

  2. AQABA INCENSE (NEW) unisex: Oriental

  3. AQABA WHITE (NEW): Fougere

  4. AQABA BLACK (NEW): Oriental

  5. AQABA CLASSIC: Oriental-Floral-Spicey

  6. AQABA SPRING: Floriental

  7. AQABA MEN: Citrus

  8. AQABA MEN II: Citrus-Spicey

  9. VIE d'AMOUR Woman: Warm Floral

  10. VIE d'AMOUR MEN: Spicey

  11. JEWELS of BLU : Citrus-Floral 

  12. SANDS of AQABA: Oriental

  13. MIDNIGHT SUN: Oriental-Floral

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