AQABA Perfume
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Rubies and Pearls of Love
In Sails of Scented Winds,
In Whispers of a Midnight Sun

Mysterious and Elegant

Midnight Sun is veiled in Arabian Roses and Oud.

TYPE: Oriental Floral

 FEEL: warm, rich and exotic

 CONCEPT:  Part of the Jewels of AQABA and the four components of love, Midnight Sun is Nature and the creation of Sun.  For Jewels of AQABA, Jewels of Blu represents Nature's Sea and Sands of AQABA represent Nature's sands of the earth.

 NOTES: Combining a rich floral bouquet of freesia and gardenia, which blends into veils of Damask Rose and Orange Flowers, Midnight Sun's primary character rests on a rich and exotic base of oud, sandalwood and tuberose.

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