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SANDS of AQABA Review- Cafleurebon 2014


From Seas of Dunes of Love
And to the Sands Return
Queen of Sheba and King Solomon
Lost in the Sands of AQABA


Type: Oriental Woody

 Feel:  Sultry, Invitingly warm, Earthen and Mysterious, Lingering Trail

 Concept:  A component of love, SANDS represents Nature’s Creation.

Notes:  Invitingly warm and mysterious, SANDS of AQABA opens with the allure of Florentine Iris, Roman Chamomille and Algerian Geranium.  Middle notes extend an invitingly warm embrace of Coriander and Cardamom, resting on a lavish and lingering trail of Vetiver, Frankincense and Tuberose.

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