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AQABA's OUD BLACK scented 8oz candle is a deep woody scent, highlighting AQABA notes of cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, blended in veiled woody embers of Incense, Oak Moss and Vanilla. 

In amber glass, the soy wax burn time is approximately 40 hours, with a hemp wick, and the glass is securely covered with a black metal lid.

Suggested Directions for your candle use follow:

1) Use candle away from any air drafts or wind.

2) At first light, burn candle for a minimum of one hour and allow for a full wax pool.

3) Regularly trim candle wick to a quarter-eighth inch before every lighting.  Trimming wicks on a regular basis help reduce the residue a candle produces while burning and will also help your candle to last longer by slowing the rate of the candle's burn. 

4) Keep the cover of candle glass closed when candle is not in use.  This will retain the scent of the candle best and also retain wax freshness. 


Customer Reviews

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Linda P

I only burn AQABA candles in our home and this is a new favorite…heavenly fragrance as usual but in an amber perfectly-sized jar. I have several of these and plan on getting more…thank you Miriam for continuing to create lovely scents for body and home…

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