AQABA 6 Piece organic TRAVELER with a natural fibre Ramie washing Pouf
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$ 65.00

        The 6 Piece AQABA Traveler includes:

* Red velour pouch included for the 1oz/30ml AQABA Classic.  All product is in a convenient zippered tote with double rope handle.

* Ramie Pouf: A natural fibre, belonging to the Nettle fibre family, this Ramie washing Pouf          is very soft and absorbent and will gently exfoliate your skin.

* 3oz/90ml AQABA Perfumed Goat Milk Body Lotion- luxurious, smooth, silken and moisturizing.  Layer with any AQABA fragrance.

* 3oz/90ml AQABA Body Wash/Bubble Bath

* 3oz/90ml AQABA Linen Spray- an uplifting light floral-citrus of Mandarin Orange and Blackberry.  

* 3oz/90ml AQABA Dry Oil Gentle Mist Body Spray- soothing, softening and moisturizing.

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