AQABA Perfume
Massage, Bath and Body Oil
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$ 45.00

AQABA Massage Oil is water soluble, and is a blend of natural oils providing superior glide and absorption, reducing build up and stickiness for greater ease of use and comfort. This non-greasy formula contains rich Oils and Vitamins to aid the healing of dry and damaged skin while it soothes and moisturizes. 

Softly AQABA scented, Relaxing, Soothing and Moisturizing.  Use as a Massage Oil, Body Moisturizer, in or after Bath Oil.

Ingredients include: Alphahydroxy Fruit Acids, Safflower, Sunflower and Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba, Macademia Nut Oils and Green Tea Extracts.  AQABA Fragrance.  

Customer Reviews

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Linda P

I use this luscious bath oil after my morning shower just before toweling off. It not only leaves my skin soft and fragrant but imparts a subtle lingering scent on my towel. I give thanks to Miriam for creating so many ways to use Aqaba...

Dorine Randall
AQABA is the best

I have been using the AQABA scented line of products for 10+ years. My husband and I both love the warm sensual smell. The handwritten card and present was a special touch and much appreciated.

darrolyn st.hilaire
AQABA Massage Oil

hi mirani, you know i love your fragrance. i especially like the lotion, shower gel and the massage oil. my husband and i REALLY enjoy it but only use it on special occasions because we have so little of it....ummm...could you make it in a larger size? PLEASE?!! i sincerely hope you never stop making this wonderful scent! ciao bella.

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